Executive Masterclass - George Batey's Guide to Continuous Success


Executive, Business and Personal Coach Training

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Content & Outcomes

Module 1 (days 1-4)

This module will lay the foundations for you to become a truly exceptional Executive, Business or Personal Coach.  In order for you to achieve this outcome it is important for you to understand how coaching came into being and how it has evolved from its base in psychology, and how those psychological techniques have been adapted and nurtured into the powerful tools we use today within the coaching environment.

The coaching environment is one of trust, confidentiality, good rapport and mutual respect. It is supported by a code of ethics which we all as professional coaches abide by and this is explored in detail within this module.

You will begin to understand how our personality and belief systems cause us how to think the way we do and once you understand this you will be able to create the necessary rapport, listening and questioning techniques to enable your client to understand and accept those areas in which change is needed to create successful outcomes.

You as a Coach will begin by using incisive questioning techniques to quickly understand and identify those areas which are causing client’s uncertainty whether that is in their business or personal life. 

Coaches, unlike therapists do not prescribe solutions. The fundamental premise within the coaching environment, is that “The Client has the Solution”, and we as coaches through our skills and techniques allow the client to find their “Solutions” to their particular issues. It is these issues which are preventing change and allowing them to move on from where they are, too where they need to be.

Live demonstrations will be carried out on all of the areas covered within the modules.     You will then begin working in a supervised, secure environment with your fellow delegates, as a Coach, Coachee and Observer on all the techniques demonstrated in order that objective feedback can sought and given to accelerate the learning process.

Because of the new found knowledge and skill levels you attain, you will begin to look at family members, friends and work colleagues in a new light. You will gain an insight into their particular belief systems and begin to understand why they think, act and behave the way they do.

Module 2 (days 5-8)

 This Module builds on all the fundamental new learning patterns and experiences you have gained from Module 1 and we will recap and discuss these patterns which are now becoming automatic within your own thinking processes.

We can now begin the process of explaining and demonstrating all the tools you can use within the coaching environment. Not only will we explain what to do, we will show you how to do it, and then once again you will practise how to do it in a safe supervised manner.

You will become fully conversant with all the techniques and tools used by the very best Coaches including Motivation and Visualisation Techniques, Belief Change Patterns, Goal Setting, the use of Hypnotic Language Patterns and NLP Techniques. These techniques and many others will be in evidence, demonstrated and practiced throughout this module.

We place great emphasis on the need for feedback within these supervised practice sessions as this will help to speed the learning process.

You can now begin to practice and combine the use of these tools with the learning acquired on module one. Not only will you see the effects within the coaching environment, you will notice how your increasing use of these tools in your every day life influences your family, friends and work colleagues for their benefit. 

Module 3 (days 9-12)

We begin module three by recapping module 2, and the shared experiences and changes   noticed by you within your business and personal life.  By now, you will have begun to appreciate the powerful tools you have gained to effect lasting, and in many cases, monumental change within yourself and others you may have coached, worked with or simply helped.

This module will move you on to the next stage in your development as a coach. We will provide you with further powerful tools for use in the Business and Executive coaching environment either in one to one, team building or a boardroom setting. Once again the effectiveness and use of these tools will be demonstrated.

You will also question yourself as to your own belief patterns, your own limiting beliefs, which may prevent you from gaining the success you require and deserve. You will be required to look at how you want to present your own Coaching Business, to examine strategies and outcomes, which will gain you success.

You may be working for a company or organisation which sees Coaching as the way forward for its employees. How do you promote your skills and abilities to fulfil that need within the organisation? We will explore these and other areas to fully round off this module.

You leave today (day 12) with your Executive Masterclass and Associate Member of the Association for Coaching Certificates and (subject to satisfactory references) can use the AMAC designation after your name, together with all the membership benefits available.

You are now a fully trained Business, Executive and Personal Coach. You have all the skills and attributes to become a Good or a Great Coach that choice is yours, whether you choose to work for yourself or within an organisation.

Great Coaches work extremely hard to develop their own skills and can become much sought after. Once their reputation is established they will be pursued by clients both here and abroad to become “Their Coach”.

As a Coach, you fully recognize that this is merely the beginning of your journey.  You know, you need to continue to learn, to strive for success and to pursue the continuous personal development (CPD) needs for yourself and of the Association for Coaching.

Because now you have all the tools to achieve whatever you need to be successful.