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Post Graduate Masters Level Diploma - Executive and Business Coaching - Accredited Executive Masterclass Diploma Masters Level (90 Credits Level 7)

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Course FAQs

Will I be recognised as a Coach? 

The Post Graduate level Accredited Executive Masterclass Diploma in either Executive and Business Coaching (90 CREDITS) or Coaching for Individual and Team Performance (60 CREDITS) you obtain, will give you the same value as if you had gone to University on a full time course.   

Additionally you can use the gained credits (90 or 60 credits) at Middlesex University to complete your Masters Degree with a Work Based Learning programme (WBL) it’s just a quicker, easier and more convenient way that benefits you and your organization.                                                        

Unlike conventional university study, you design the remainder of your Masters program based on your interests and needs. You specialize in Work Based Learning (WBL) studies but may include taught courses from other university subject areas if required. All of this can be achieved through distance learning. 

(You may be able to use the 90 or 60 credits obtained towards study at other UK Universities)

How do I complete my Masters Degree if I choose to do so?

Work Based Learning Explained                    

Just five steps to success

Step 1 Recognition and accreditation of learning (RAL)

The Post Graduate level Accredited Executive Masterclass Diploma in either Executive and Business Coaching or Coaching for Individual and Team Performance, gives you 90 or 60 academic credits respectively from your current learning and experience, this gives you up to half the required credits towards your Masters Degree. You can then use this credit to form the basis of up to two-thirds of your Work Based Learning studies. A Masters Degree for example typically requires 180 credits.

Step 2 Programme planning

Working with members of the WBL team at Middlesex University, identify your learning aims and requirements which help to structure the overall design and title of your programme. The resulting learning agreement is considered for approval by the university and if appropriate, your employer or other stakeholder. All contact can be on distance learning basis and all work submitted electronically.

Formulate a proposal to undertake work-based projects effectively. (Typically 2000/3000 words - 10credits)

Step 3 Work-based research and development methods

You will be introduced to ways of thinking about research and the techniques you can collect, analyze and interpret information.(Typically (6000 words - 30 credits)

Step 4 Work-based Project

Undertake one major or sometimes more projects to innovate your work-based systems and contribute to your professional fields. How you approach your project is determined by your programme (Typically a dissertation of 12000 words which would usually account for 60 credits)

Step 5 Target qualification attained

You have successfully completed your Work Based Learning studies.

How is it delivered?

On completion of your chosen Executive Masterclass Diploma Course and award of credits, you can undertake your studies in a combination of ways:

Middlesex University online virtual learning environment (VLE) enables you to access learning materials and to engage in online discussion groups with tutors and other students. Where they have an agreement with an employer, you may undertake programmes on site, which are delivered by their staff. You will also be supported by your programme adviser, project support staff and programme leader, who work with you throughout your studies.

Please click on Middlesex University web site to view options available to you:


Will I eligible to join a professional organization?

Executive Masterclass has Organisational Membership for the Association for Coaching OMAC and on completion of the course; you become eligible for membership of the Association for Coaching and can apply to be awarded an Associate Membership Certificate (subject to references, which can be upgraded to full Member status on satisfying entry requirements). 

This entitles you to use the letters AMAC (Associate Member Association for Coaching) after your name together with all relevant Membership benefits.

The courses are also accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists NCP (est.1971) and you can apply to them for Licentiate Membership.

What support will I have when I have finished the taught modules? 

On completion of the taught modules, George will be available by phone and email to give you regular feedback to ensure that your progress is maintained. You will also have the support and benefits available including ongoing continuous personal development CPD through your Association for Coaching Membership.

Is there any financial help available with the Executive Masterclass Programmes? 
You can contact your local Business Link about 'Train to Gain' or 'Lead to Succeed' for funding availability.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes you can pay by credit or debit card simply follow the link on the course fees page.  

For any other queries or additional information please contact George direct.