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Tell You Language Patterns

People do not like to be told what to do. We like to think that each great idea is ours and that when we have a great idea, it is entirely our own.

The Truth Language Pattern

Truth is what each individual believes it to be, Ask someone if he belongs to the true church or is in the true religion. Ask him if the people in his political party tell the truth.

Time-Pressure Techniques

Some people are simply slow at making decisions. It is often important to the master persuader to move the process along. It would he wise to keep in mind the law of SCARCITY.

Credibility Techniques & Secrets

Why is this? Credibility is in the eye of the perceiver. We will not be perceived as credible if we don’t meet our perceiver’s standards.

Visualization Techniques

In this Video exercise I’m going to demonstrate a technique which will help you to move in the direction you need to move towards, in order that you can visualize a different and compelling future for yourself in your business or personal life.