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Leading Your Teams to Success

Leading in These Exigent Times

“A leader’s first job is to create a thinking environment.
Every subsequent act of leadership gains quality from there”.

Leading in these exigent times is a sophisticated process of articulating a vision compellingly, and getting the best from people so that their work manifests that vision. Getting the best from people means, getting their best thinking and putting Coaching at the centre of the leader’s expertise.

“We all face challenges, actual and perceived in life, and in business, and often there is an urgent need to accelerate results or improve performance to create more organised and communicative individuals and teams.”

This means knowing how to be with people, and to offer them the highest quality attention, based on genuine interest in what they think, and on the expectation that they can think for themselves better than anyone can think for them. Getting the best from people also means knowing how to build teams
and groups whose members routinely treat each other this well.

The higher people fly in an organisation, the less contact they have with the work on the ground; thus the more insular their thinking can become and the more detached they can become from the heart of the people they serve.

An objective “outsider” who can feel an accurate pulse of the whole organisation and give a global business or organisational overview, and who can be at least a good sounding board, helps a leader decisively.

Coaching is proliferating, because it is desperately needed. But as it’s usually done, it can be limited, it can lack integrity, precision and the infrastructure of a “Creative Thinking Environment.”

Executive Masterclass Coaching and Coach Training Programmes are designed to create that environment.

GEORGE BATEY (Executive Masterclass)