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Power Words - Because


The fourth most powerful term in the English language is “because,” When you were young, you were told over and over “Because I said so.” These words carried authoritative weight. As adults, a more refined “Because” carries just as much authoritative weight.

Ellen Langer; a Harvard social psychologist, performed a fascinating experiment in 1977. She asked a favor of people waiting in line to use the library’s copy machine. When she asked, “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the machine, because I’m in a rush?” 94 percent let her move ahead in line!

When the request was phrased without those last five words, only 60% let her move ahead in line. Most fascinating of all however, was that when she asked “Excuse me I have five pages. May I use the machine BECAUSE I have to make some copies? 93% let her move ahead in line with no reason other than BECAUSE! 

YOU should definitely use the word “Because” in your persuasive efforts.

“Because of the amount of money you’ll make, you’ll want to invest now.”
“You’d probably be happiest investing in the largest advertisement available because of the increased response you’ll get”

The addition of this word to your persuasive vocabulary will take conscious effort. Your time investment will pay off dividends many times over.