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Future Pacing

A good salesperson is always “closing.” Great salespeople USE “future pacing.” The questions below are examples of future pacing.

“If you like our product, will you buy it again?”

“If you like our service, will you let us handle all of your needs in this area?”

Future pacing requires that the prospect buy your product today, or the prospect would not be able to determine whether he should use your product or service again. When you have used the future pacing technique, and the prospect has conditionally told you he will use your product or service again, generally speaking he has agreed to try your product once.
At this point, many salespeople “buy it back”; they continue to sell when the prospect has already bought. This invariably brings skepticism to the prospect’s mind and makes it look as tough you are justifying your product.

DON’T “buy it back” Once he’s bought your product or service, let him have it – do the paperwork!